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Romeo & Juliet February 2017

On 25 Jul 2017

By Rareseed Theatre

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Our spring production brings you Rareseed’s first Shakespeare. Romeo and Juliet is the story of two rival households. It is also a play about parenthood and friendship and love in different forms. It has been produced over and again many times and in many different ways.

We have focussed on the characters, the relationships and on making the beautiful and poetic language of the play, accessible to a modern cast and audience. So, if you have found Shakespeare a challenge to understand, or have never seen a Shakespeare play, this production may surprise you and change your mind.

The Melville Theatre is an ideal intimate studio theatre for actors to have the experience of performing close up to their audience; there is nowhere to hide. This encourages performers to give real and raw performances, which we hope will touch the audience in a different way to when there is a big distance between them, in a larger theatre venue. We would like to say thank you to our wonderful young cast, for giving their all and supporting each other through the challenging and rewarding rehearsal process in creating this production. Rareseed Theatre are now in their fourth year, and have produced both new and established plays for our audiences. Our ensemble approach means that all our young people get the opportunity to take part, to be challenged and to build confidence and skills. This is at the heart of Rareseed’s work.

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